Typography Poster


For this task I was required to produce a simple black and white type-based design at A4 in portrait format featuring an inspirational piece of prose. The final piece was to also feature a QR code for a URL link that relates to the featured prose.

The inspirational piece of prose I chose was a quote from the movie, “The Perks of being a Wallflower”. I brainstormed ideas and decided that I would represent this quote to resemble the shape of a building (which is mentioned in the quote), with emotive verbs being highlighted. I particularly placed emphasis on the word Infinite to capture the emotion behind this quote. I blacked out the background of most of text, helping to build up the momentum of the ending, which was separate from the rest of the text, with a different bold font, Ditto. To make my poster stand out from any potentially similar to it I aligned the text to the left. After finishing building the core layout out of the poster I took it into Photoshop applying different textures to it as outlined in the design brief. I was able to achieve a weathered letterpress look for the logo, and to help complete the old feel of the poster I applied a paper texture behind the text. I then took another step forward and wanted to apply an image that directly related to the quote. So I used a picture of a cityscape behind the text, relating back to the mention of buildings in my quote. This image of the buildings is flipped upside down, to help the viewer’s eyes to move from the top of the poster to the bottom smoothly, as well as making the space around the emphasised word Infinite stand out.

My design meets the brief requirements as it is an A4 portrait poster featuring a inspirational piece of pose, and the viewer can then follow the QR code to a linked video of the scene that this quote comes from.


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