Personal infographic

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.22.10 pm

Designers statement

For this task, I was required to create in A3 format in high resolution for print and screen an infographic utilising a metaphor explaining myself. I was required to only use three typefaces and three colours.

I decided to use the shape of my own eye as the metaphor for the infographic. I modelled the shape of the eye to try and match the shape of my own. However my own eye is brown in colour, but my favourite colour being green and my name coming from the gem stone Jade, I decided I would use that colour to help convey my identity and metaphor.

The eye graphic is placed in the centre of the poster and is the main focus, after the viewer sees this their attention then spreads out to the pull out text boxes that come out of it. Each paragraph of text has an accompanying graphic to help represent the data it is trying to convey and catch the viewers attention. The heading of the poster features my name in English as well as Japanese, which is connected to the information in the infographic which discusses my linguistic skills.

I have achieved the design task and produced an A3 Infographic poster, using two colours (black and green, using various tints) and one font, Helvetica.The poster is high resolution ready for use both online and in print forms.


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