Rebel Sports Rebrand Analysis


Rebel sports, leader in the retail world of sporting and leisure equipment since 1985 decided to take the risk of a rebrand of the design of their company ‘s stores, logos and uniforms. Below is an analysis of the unsuccessful nature of the company rebrand.


Goals and Aims:

The old rebel sports brand logo was widely known and easily recognisable. When asking friends and family to describe what they thought their current logo looked like, most of them described Rebel sports original logo. This means that this current logo has achieved a good standard of brand recognition and help build the company image. However the logo does have an outdated feeling to it, which is under stable considering how old the company is. Jaid Hulsbosch, director of the project said,“As an established 27 year old business it was important to identify the values of the Rebel brand and the core assets inherent in its graphic identity. With this understanding, we worked on the idea of being the best you can and applied this as a brand attribute that carried meaning and relevance through to its customer base.” The apparent want to rebrand came with the aim to “increase its market share of sports enthusiasts and to grow the number of female customers



Not everything about the rebrand was terrible, the new redesigned logo makes better use of positive and negative space through its open and simple design. In contrast to the old logo, which looks boxed in and cramped with the box surrounding it. The new logo also has a reversed e, which gives the logo a small difference from just a bold font. To help emphasis this point of difference a second colour, yellow helps bring emphasis and contrast to the logo. Yellow is a bright colour that catches the eye easily and helps bring emotions related to optimism and hope, which would be important for a sporting related company. All together these different elements work together in unity to create a logo that feels fresh and new as well as cleaner with better versatility, which can be seen across their range of products. In contrast to the old logo, this new design has a typeface that is bolder and easier to read, making it better to read from a distance and attract more customers. Each of the letters are kerned more distantly from each other, making the word mark appear cleaner.


Brand Recognition:

However besides the improvement in some areas of the design, this new logo is not a successful rebrand as the purpose of a rebrand is to improve a companys image and attract customers and appeal to their audience. This logo fails to do this, as Rebel sports made a mistake when redesigning, presuming they had strong enough brand recognition to be known by just their name they removed the word ‘sports’  from their logo. However this is fatal as with the new logo their target audience has a harder time distinguishing what their logo is mean to represent out of context. Rebel sports would have done better to have incorporated the word sports into their design, adding a small layer of complexity to the design that would have improved their brand recognition, and once their logo and image was strong enough to their audience to slowly remove the word ‘sports’ and have the easy recognisable word mark. The rebrand also has no indication to how they plan to target female customers which they list as one of their main aims which is also a flaw.

Point of Difference:

The word mark is weak with not a strong point of difference to distinguish its typeface from others and feels weak. The logo is strong enough to be memorable and because of this most people I surveyed remarked they either could not recall what Rebel’s logo was or that it had been changed. When the designers aimed to make the logo clean and modern they went too far and instead produced something that was too simple to make a real impact on the brand image and recognition in the retail industry.


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