Cows and Companies – Carnage

The finished product of the Cows and Companies design task including Style Guide, Logo, Stationary, Mockups and a Designers Statement.

Style Guide:


Finished Logos:


Business Cards:


Letter Heads:






Designers Statement:

For this task I was required to design a corporate brand (logo) for a dairy-based food enterprise, create a style guide and feature it on corporate stationary. 

I brainstormed through my diary and researched using Pinterest and went through a process of various different designs and ideas before deciding to proceed on a Ice-cream brand based around the Tagline and general theme – Icecream to die for.

I sketched up various logo ideas that all revolved around a skull incorporated into the design. I also brainstormed various brand names that were related to death and destruction. I then went to the computer and started trying to develop some of my ideas through illustrator. However I found that trying to draw on the computer free hand my design was not providing a clean or professional enough shape so I moved to the internet where I began to source images of skulls to trace. 

After successfully tracing a skull I began to modify the shape to appear that it was melting, to better fit the product itself, Ice-cream. After the core part of the logo was finished being designed I had decided that my brands name would be Carnage, and went to the internet to find a font. I searched for a serif typeface that appeared slightly gothic but that would be bold and clean enough to serve as a logo. Through dafont I found exactly what I wanted and chose the typeface Morvo. I used this as my hero font, however after some teacher feedback I modified the font to appear bolder and easier to read. Georgia is used as the secondary font, as it is clean, classic and easily readable which is necessary when being used for the rest of the brands text, however it still sits well as looking slightly gothic and classic next to the hero typeface Morvo.

When I first visualised my brand and its image I assigned it just two colours, black and red (PMS 485 U). I chose these colours to help run with the theme of death, however after teacher feedback I decided to expand my colour range to include a bright blue (PMS 3005 U). I was very happy with this inclusion of more colour, I feel that these colours and the way they are used together broadens the audience to people who felt that the dark colours were a little too dark and depressing for a ice-cream brand and could attract more family friendly customers. These colours are bright and will help catch the attention of customers amongst the other many ice-cream brands that are out there. When choosing an additional colour I tried to steer away from green or yellows as I felt that when linked to a theme that involved death they would bring up feelings of sickness or rotting which I didn’t want to be associated with my product.

Throughout the branding process and across the different stationary items I kept the logo and design looking clean, simple and void of busy or confusing elements. When I did research by looking at various ice-cream brands at a local Woolworths, I noticed that the packaging of many of the ice-cream brands was busy and did not catch the eye. However the brands that did have a more minimalistic, simple design that made use of positive and negative space where easier to see and more appealing to the eye. 

I believe that this design is unique and original in its concept and logo and will stand out in the oversaturated market to the audience. The task has been successfully completed and extra time has been put in to go further and produce extra mockups to display the variety and versatility of this brand.


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