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In this assignment I felt that I did well in terms of creativity and time management. I was happy with my objects design and concept and felt that I created a object that was pleasing in form. My object was original and unique in it’s design and I was pleased with my creativity. Due to the difficulty of this task I spent extra time coming in my spare time to work on drawing and rendering my pictures. During class I tried to be as productive as possible as this was a task that was difficult to complete without the right resources.

However I was not particularly satisfied with my technical skills on this task. Looking through my sketch monkey tutorials I can see the progress I have made over time, however I still feel that my skill level was not to the standard that I would have liked. I feel that despite being the end product the sketches still look very basic and unrealistic. Balancing the size of my sketches was a challenge, as I needed to draw small enough that it was not too much too render, however drawing too small then compromised the details of the watch.

In the future an improvement I could make would to either find more time to practice my basic sketching skills, or potentially choose a design that would give me a better opportunity to practice these skills and refine them before I worked on such a complex shape. Another improvement would to be minimising distractions such as friends and my phone during working times.


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