Design Detective – Armstrong Moon Lamp

What am I?: I’m a lunar-inspired illumination product that is an anagram of ‘gramsnort’!

Armstrong Moon Lamp

Image result for moon lamp armstrong


The Armstrong Moon lamp is a light that gives the user control over the level of light they want to illuminate the area.

The Moon lamp is made up of soft, smooth shapes and lines of all circular forms. This softness is then continued to be communicated through the minimalistic use of colour, and with the soft white and light brown tones that are used. These colours and minimalistic themes are also shown to be used in the objects packaging. The light that can be seen illuminating through the holes in the objects outer shell appears to also be quite soft, leaving no harsh shadows in it’s illumination.  This theme of softness and minimalism gives a very homely feel that would make this product suitable for living rooms or bedrooms where soft warm lighting is wanted. This is achieved by adding or removing circle blocks from the sphere. This design is unique and quirky, however it’s minimalistic use of colour and shape keep this product looking professional and stop it from being reduced to a mere novelty item.



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