Design Detective – Armstrong Moon Lamp

What am I?: I’m a lunar-inspired illumination product that is an anagram of ‘gramsnort’!

Armstrong Moon Lamp

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The Armstrong Moon lamp is a light that gives the user control over the level of light they want to illuminate the area.

The Moon lamp is made up of soft, smooth shapes and lines of all circular forms. This softness is then continued to be communicated through the minimalistic use of colour, and with the soft white and light brown tones that are used. These colours and minimalistic themes are also shown to be used in the objects packaging. The light that can be seen illuminating through the holes in the objects outer shell appears to also be quite soft, leaving no harsh shadows in it’s illumination.  This theme of softness and minimalism gives a very homely feel that would make this product suitable for living rooms or bedrooms where soft warm lighting is wanted. This is achieved by adding or removing circle blocks from the sphere. This design is unique and quirky, however it’s minimalistic use of colour and shape keep this product looking professional and stop it from being reduced to a mere novelty item.


Sketch Tutorials Design Sketch


Watches Design




In this assignment I felt that I did well in terms of creativity and time management. I was happy with my objects design and concept and felt that I created a object that was pleasing in form. My object was original and unique in it’s design and I was pleased with my creativity. Due to the difficulty of this task I spent extra time coming in my spare time to work on drawing and rendering my pictures. During class I tried to be as productive as possible as this was a task that was difficult to complete without the right resources.

However I was not particularly satisfied with my technical skills on this task. Looking through my sketch monkey tutorials I can see the progress I have made over time, however I still feel that my skill level was not to the standard that I would have liked. I feel that despite being the end product the sketches still look very basic and unrealistic. Balancing the size of my sketches was a challenge, as I needed to draw small enough that it was not too much too render, however drawing too small then compromised the details of the watch.

In the future an improvement I could make would to either find more time to practice my basic sketching skills, or potentially choose a design that would give me a better opportunity to practice these skills and refine them before I worked on such a complex shape. Another improvement would to be minimising distractions such as friends and my phone during working times.

Object Design Analysis Pt. 2


“The Floating Mug” designed by Tigere Chiriga is a practical design that solves a common issue many coffee lovers face. What appears to be a normal coffee mug is made unique by the handle which extends down past the height of the mug and connects to a coaster which the mug hovers above. The design appears trendy and chic with a fully white canvas, and the focus is pointed towards the unique shape of the design as opposed to including other distracting elements as bright colours. “The Floating Mug” is composed of simple curves and circular shapes that comes together to produce a practical object. The mug is of an average drinking size. The mug is simple in its design, however is still able to solve a common problem associated with mugs, which is leaving coffee . This means that the design is very successful, as problem solving is the purpose of design.


These Snow globe salt and pepper shakers, designed by unknown, are a novel take on the traditional salt and pepper shaker. A circular wooden base forms the bottom of this design, from which stems a glass sphere which encases a wooden bear surrounded in pepper/salt. The use of these natural materials and colours give the design a calm and soothing impression. These salt and peppers shakers are composed of round, circular lines and shapes that contribute to the relaxed aesthetic. This design is not only suited towards a practical purpose, but serve as pieces of art for a shelf or bench due to the beauty of the simplicity of this design. This design serves to satisfy its user both aesthetically and practically. This particular design does not seem to offer anything particularly unique about the delivery of its purpose of seasoning food. However it does achieve this goal in a more pleasing to the eye way.


Lamp by John Procario is a design that examines the connection and similarities between wood and the bones and muscles of our own bodies. The concept of  flexbility and strain are examined in this piece. This is conveyed by the unqiue shapes the wood and light contort to form. In this design two pieces of wood contort around each other, one side of the beam being a strip of warm light. With this design the focus seems to be on the form rather than the function, as the large size and unusual shape of this lamp make it appear very impractical for everyday use in a average household. However this piece seems to be well suited to serve as a piece of art or decoration in a more high class area. The shape of this design is very fluid, consisting of unsymmetrical curves that balance each other out well.


Bamboo Toaster by James Stumpf is a design that focuses on unusual materials and a sustainable approach. A piece of bamboo curves in a rhobmus shape with rounded  corners. Two slits are left open at the top of the design where a glass sleeves descends. Three red heating lines rae left To be cont.


Industrial Design Analysis Acitvity

Spring Watering Can – Robert Bronwasser

Describe – Recognise – Understand – Motivation

The Spring Watering Can designed by Robert Bronwasser is a unique take on a common household item.

The overall design is small in scale, however has a wide base that smoothly tapers inwards before stemming into two slim spouts, of the purpose to serve as a spout and hand grip to water plants with. The design is asymmetrical however still communicates a  well balanced and composed form. The design is simplistic and minimalistic in its nature, and this combined with the cool colours leaves a calm and quaint impression. The watering can appears to be constructed from a type of plastic, this helps the design appear gentle and perhaps appropriately suited towards use in a smaller, less intense garden. This watering can appears to be ergonomically friendly by its light appearance and firm handles as well as being practically useful for its intended purpose of watering plants.

Hot Beerta Kettle – Philippe Starck

The Hot Beerta Kettle designed by Philippe Starck is a stark contrast to the usual kettle that could be found in most homes. In this design a asymmetrical silver cone leans on an angle as a thick green tube appears to spear itself through the top. Despite its asymmetrical design the kettle still appears to be aesthetically pleasing through the balance of the weight and length of the different elements. The simplicity of the two elements and the use of only two colours gives this design a minimalistic appeal. The motivation of the designer seems to place form over function as the practicality of this kettle is questionable.

Juicy Salif – Philipe Starck

The Juicy Salif designed by Philippe Starck is a lemon juicer that is alien in is appearance. In this design a tripod of silver curved rods support a silver cone with a bulbous top with the purpose of squeezing juice from fruits. The design is well balanced and pleasing to the eye due to the symmetry. The design consists of one material and colour, chrome metal. The simplicity of  the single use of metallic colour and material gives a modern appeal to the object. Similar to the previous design, this objects design places more value on form over function as is clear by the impracticality of the object, as it would only serve to complicate and provide more mess than a regular lemon juicer.

Embryo Chair – Marc Newson

The Embryo Chair designed by Marc Newson is a original design that is pleasing both to the eye and its functionality and comfort.

A seat shape resembling an embryo is balanced on top of two angled steel rods. The design comprises of very fluid, smooth and curved shapes and lines. The chair pattern is houndstooth, which gives it an elegant flair reminiscent of high fashion trends. The chair appears to be ergonomically friendly to its users due to the curves which follow the slouch of a relaxed person that make up the core of the design. The design of this chair is simplistic in its nature however compared to the previous designs analysed shows more complexity in both the pattern and the unique shape. This chair seems more suited to a leisurely and laid back setting, perfect for relaxing and casual comfort.

Defining Terms

Xenophobia: Dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries

Endemic: Native or restricted to a certain place

Jingoism: Extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy

Nationalism: Patriotic feeling, principles, or effort

Patriotism: The quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country

Australia’s Coat of Arms

Image result for Australia's coat of armsContains the emblem of each of the states surrounded by a border that represents the Federation. Above the shield is the commonwealth star six of the points represent the original states and the seventh point represents the rest of the territories. The Emu and Kangaroo on both sides are native Australian fauna and are featured because they are both large enough to scale wise to hold a shield. In the background the National Flora (Wattle) is displayed as well as featuring a scroll with our countries name inscribed on it.