Chocolate Brand

Chocolate brand



I then moved onto the computer working with my design. I chose two colours to work with and tried to develop a handwritten script logo. However the end result was not how I had planned, however due to the time I had already spent it I decide I didn’t have enough time to change it so I did the best I could to improve the design. However by the end I was dissatisfied with what I had done, I still like my original idea and concept however I wish I had been able to better represent it.

Brainstorm and Sketch

I then began working on brainstorming and sketching some ideas for my brand and the individual chocolate design. I decided that my three chocolates would be Salted Peanut, Pistachio and Raspberry. Using these flavours as inspiration I designed the chocolates based on the taste and what ingredients would be needed.


I used various serach engines and websites to look at various high brand chocolate brand designs, as well as the chocolate itself. At first I was inspired by the golden and ornate themes I saw, however I wanted to try and do something more original and took inspiration from the colourful and more contrasting design I found (pictured on the top left) and decided to take that approach.