Mini Car Task

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I began this task by researching my personalities figure, Beethoven. However I was not feeling particularly inspired by him an felt that it would be good to represent a women who played a role in history. I searched up historic famous females and saw Marie curie, who I then chose to represent on my cars design.

After confirming with Mark I then researched further into Marie Curies legacy. As I learnt about her life I identified areas that I felt were key and recognisable elements. I drew a brainstorm where I highlighted the key elements and what visual symbols I could use to represent them.

Using these symbols I did a rough sketch of the look of my design. Due to time management difficulties from being sick and home problems I had to make what was originally only meant to be a draft my final.Despite this my final car turned out better than I had expected with the way I had started it.

My design is constructed of bold lines and forms that create the recognisable symbols of Marie Curie. These bold shapes are contrasted against the bright yellow of the cars skin. This combination of yellow and black is part of the symbolism, as I tried to portray the radiation warning symbol colours, which is the element that Marie Curie discovered. I also included these bold warning signs on the sides of the car. Along the top of the car I placed the feminist symbol as I felt that this an important part of Marie Curies legacy as she was the first female professor at her university and constantly broke the barriers that were put against her as a female scientist in the early 20th century. This bold and bright design represents the way she boldly lived her life and left a bright legacy for females of the future to be inspired by.