Sphere Cubed

Designers Statement

For the Sphere Cubed task, I was required to ‘conceive, design and produce a product’ based on a 75 mm foam ball, and then package it into a simple cardboard box. As part of this task there were various goals to be met, including; research, creating mood boards, A3 renders, CAD visualisations and physical prototypes.

I began by researching sphere based industrial design to help inspire myself. I then proceeded to brainstorm any ideas that came to me while I researched. I then eventually decided to pursue my idea of a portable charger that got energy from the sun, making it a product suitable for long trips and camping. This product I designed, the Solphere, helps solve the problem of a lack of power and electricity when travelling far from home or in rural areas.

This design consists of a brightly coloured sphere, with the top half covered in solar panel strips, while the lower half has USB ports spaced at intervals across its face. A very useful feature of this product is its solar panels, as other portable chargers will eventually run out, which is a problem on longer trips. This enables the user to charge their phone and electronics comfortably without fear of losing power. The size and shape of this design make it easily portable which is an important feature for it’s intended purpose. To make this design easy to use I added a small band on the top of the object to enable the user to attach it to their keys or backpack as a key ring, meaning it is less likely to be lost. I used bright colours when rendering my final visions of this design as I felt that in the environment of its intended use being highly visible would be an important feature. I left the design very simple as I didn’t want to introduce any other complicated elements that would distract from the main focus and purpose of this product.

When branding my product, I aimed to create a design that would reflect my intended environment of the outdoors. I created a logo that reflected retro outdoor designs with use of ribbons and stamp influenced shapes. In my logo I also represented themes of nature and wilderness into the design through the symbolic use of trees and the sun. Representing the idea of the sun was an important part of my design as I wanted to represent one of the key features of this product, it’s solar panels. The packaging continues to incorporate the bright yellow colour of the product throughout it with the use of Pantone 7406 C, creating a bright and cheery atmosphere.

I believe I have successfully met the brief and created a product that is an innovative and successful solution in solving a problem. Through this task I was able to successfully communicate my concepts and ideation by the use of various mediums.


Second Prototype



Computer Render using Illustrator


Packaging Cube Design

(Issues with printing restricted me from my original plan of being able to print this design out and construct it)


A3 Brand Poster


Brand Design Brainstorming and sketching



A3 Coloured Render


First Prototype




My final product decision
Rough Sketches illustrating core ideaIMG_2743

More Brainstorming
Expanding on a remote control idea

Initial Brainstorm of potential ideas 
Including rough sketchesIMG_2745

Mood Board
I researched industrial design objects, specifically sphere shaped designs in an effort to inspire myself,  many of the objects I saw gave me ideas that I could add to my brainstorm. These mood board consists of examples of industrial design as well as inspiration for my branding of this product.



I believe a plus of this task was my packaging design, as I was very happy with my experimentation with vintage and retro styles of design. Another plus was my technical skills when rendering my A3 design, I was very satisfied with the end result of this render.


My technical skills when making the physical prototype where an area of weakness in this task. Another minus was my time management  skills due to domestic issues at home which impacted the time and resources I was able to spend focusing on this task.


If I were to do this task again I would hopefully be in a better situation to do assessment and would therefore be able to complete this task to a level that I could personally be proud of.  Handing in assignments that I am not personally satisfied with is very hard for me as I take a lot of pride in my work so this has been a struggle for me.