What would Shakespeare Drive?

A photo of the finished product on template.
A color photocopy of my car that has been further blacked out. Ready to be trimmed and glued onto template.
This was my final copy of Shakespeare’s Car. I rendered it using coloured pencils with a black theme with red and gold embellishments and blacked out a little of the background. I decided on this as the final look for the car as it has the most luxurious look which will communicate the “What would Shakespeare drive?” outcome. This render is now ready to be trimmed and added to a template.
Another trial colour theme I tried on Shakespeare’s car was this Red, White and Gold look.
I experimented with three different colour themes after my line sketch had been photocopied. This was my first trial with a gradient green theme.
Colour sample I did of my pencils so I could choose colour themes that would be appropriate
My final line art drawing, to add character to the car representing Shakespeare’s wants the wheels have his initial inscribed on them
Notice the Larger  wheels and the body which has been shortened and lowered.
There were then many sketches and tracing trials to achieve the sleeker more modern look for Shakespeare.
I decided on a Aston Martin Db5 as Shakespeare’s vehicle. It meeds the wants of a wealthy young man who flaunts his money with enough room to transport his kids in the back.
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.48.38 am
A screenshot of lists of british car brands that I used in my research.
A list of English car brands I had a car fan friend write for me that I could research to start me off
My brainstorm of Shakespeare’s personalist, wants and needs. With my chosen car drawn below.